If any step below results in an error, please contact us at support@lagerdata.com

Install the lager-cli package

pip3 install -U lager-cli

Log in to Lager

lager login

The lager-cli tool will prompt you to open a browser window so that you can link lager-cli to your account.

➜  ~ lager login
Please confirm the following code appears in your browser: ABCD-EFGH-IJKL
Lager would like to open a browser window to confirm your login info [y/N]:

If you do not have a browser installed (for example if you are using a virtual machine or docker image) lager will prompt you to copy-paste a url:

➜  ~ lager login
Please visit https://auth.lagerdata.com/activate?user_code=ABCD-EFGH-IJKL in your browser
And confirm your device token: ABCD-EFGH-IJKL
Awaiting confirmation... (Could take up to 5 seconds after clicking "Confirm" in your browser)

List your gateways

lager list gateways

This will show a list of gateways associated with your account.

➜  ~ lager list gateways
name            id
elegant-eagle    1

Say hello to your gateway

lager gateway hello

➜  ~ lager gateway hello
Hello, world! Your gateway is connected.

If you get the "Hello, world!" message, that means your gateway is connected and ready to receive commands! If you have more than one gateway, you can use the --gateway <name> flag e.g. lager gateway hello --gateway elegant-eagle. Otherwise, if you only have one gateway, the command will automatically use that one. Now, let's connect to your Device Under Test.