Utilities Documentation

Lager is all about debugging and preventing regressions in embedded hardware and the software that runs on it. In order to be able to do that effectively, you need to be able to interact both with your Lager gateway and your Device Under Test (DUT). To that end, you can find the methods of interaction that Lager provides as well as the documentation on how to use these tools.

Lager Client

With the lager-cli tool, you can interact directly with your Lager gateway, and the DUT connected to it, from the command line. Some prime example of it's functionality are:

  • allowing you to use GDB remotely with your DUT,

  • to flash it with a new firmware version,

  • or to invoke automated tests.

Learn how to use the Lager Client.

Lager Python

While the Lager Client plays a vital role in interacting with your DUT, by very nature of the variety of uses and features that a DUT might have, you may find that you need a different tool to test and debug the specific use-cases for your DUT. Lager Python is that tool. It allows you to write and run Python on your Lager gateway to interact with the plethora of features that your DUT has.

Learn how to use Lager Python

Continuous Integration

Lager makes Continuous Integration easy. The Lager Client can integrate with any CI system, but we provide first-class support for Github Actions, Bitbucket Pipelines, and Drone.