Before you begin

Install the Lager CLI tool

These docs assume that you have a Lager account and have already installed the Lager CLI tool. If you haven't already done so, see here. For brevity, all of our examples will omit the --gateway option to lager python, meaning they assume you only have one gateway. If you have multiple gateways, you'll need to specify which one to run the code on e.g. lager python --gateway helpful-horse.

What is Lager Python?

Lager Python is tool for running Python code directly on your gateway. Using it, you can directly interface with your Device Under Test without introducing network latency. You can flash your device, run it, interact with peripherals (serial, SPI, I²C, GPIO, etc), and stream results back to the Lager CLI tool. By default your programs also have access to some helpful libraries. Let's get started!